How I Redid my Kitchen Counters for under $70

My kitchen counters kind of reminded me of a hospital, I’m not to sure why, they just did! Needless to say, I wasn’t to fond of them! I completely forgot to take a picture before I painted them! So I had to crop on of my before pictures of my kitchen, showcasing my handbag addiction, sorry guys!

My Counters before!

With all the money we dropped on the house, not to mention all of our other projects, I had to get creative with my countertop solution. I was really into the idea of wood counters for a while, but then I decided against that! They are so gorgeous, but doing them would put us way over our time line. Real stone counters were out to, too costly! So that left me wandering the isles of my local hardware store, the only counter refinishing option they had (In stock at least) was just to paint them, which I was just not feeling. I did some research online and found a company called Giani Granite. Giani makes several countertop kits, ranging from faux granite to faux marble. I was a little nervous about painting the counters, but I decided to go for it! I couldn’t hate them anymore than I already did! So the kits comes with several things: Black Primer (Matte Black Paint), 2 Rollers, A Foam Brush, a Sea Sponge, Polyurethane, and three mineral colors (Varying paint colors)

What You’ll Need:

  • Giani Granite Kit (I used Chocolate Brown. Home depot seems to have the best prices for these kits! I couldn’t find one in my local home depot or lowes so you may have to order it online.)
  • Blue Tape
  • Drop Cloths
  • Brillo Pads
  • Rags
  • Paper Plates
  • Small Arts and Crafts paint brush
  • Screwdriver or Pencil

I started out blue taping all of my walls and cabinets around my counters. Before painting you need to clean your counters with brillo pads, then wash off the residue with water. Then I painted on my black primer with the roller. One coats covered everything!

After Painting on the Primer

Depending on what type of counters you have, you may need to use the foam brush here, I needed to use it where the flat counter space and the wall piece meet. Then I proceeded to cut my sea sponge into three separate pieces, after you have done that cut a small sections off of one the sponges, maybe about an inch long. Take your inch long section and tape it onto the end of a screw driver or pencil, this will be your sponge for hard to reach areas.

My “hard to reach area” contraption!

Set out six paper plates, then open your minerals (I say minerals because this stuff is not like regular paint, it’s finish is matte and powder like)  and pour a small amount of each onto it’s own plate. Now you have a small amount of paint on three of the plates. You have six plates set out so you can dip your sponge in the color, then blot it on a clean plate. I know this sound complicated but it’s not! Trust me! I’ll included a link to Giani’s video to help you all further! Time to start sponging! I started off with my smaller hard to reach areas but, it’s personal preference. The colors are lettered A,B,C so I dipped my small, screw driver sponge contraption into color A. After this I blotted it on a plate, then gentle taped it onto the surface. Repeat for colors B and C. It’s important to remember to tap not wipe! Moving on to the flat part of the counter, this can be a little nerve racking! I was shaking in my boots! I would start off on the smallest least noticeable part of your counter, just in  case! They do give you a piece of construction paper to practice on! Take one of your bigger sponges and dip it into color A then blot it off. Gently tap the color onto the counter, then lift!

Adding color A

It’s good to remember you can always add more but, it’s harder to take some away! Repeat this for all the colors. If you feel like it needs more after all of the colors are on don’t be afraid to give it some more color, that’s what I did. If it looks strange to you, then add more color!  The trickiest part for me was the corners, where my wall piece meets my flat piece. For this I took a small arts and crafts brush a painted little lines in the creases then sponged it out with my screwdriver

The spot where I painted the color on!

sponge. I think the picture will explain this one better than I do.


After your counter tops are all colored it’s time to poly! Now this poly I liked! I coated those counters until I ran out! It dries very fast! The box however, say to wait two week before putting your things back on your counters. I am just way too impatient for that! I lasted a week before I had put everything back on! Putting everything back on the counters didn’t seem to do any damage, however I would recommend you wait the two weeks (If you can). My husband, after doing the dishes, put the drying mat right on the counter! The water made the poly bubble slightly! It wasn’t noticeable until you ran your hand over it, but I was so upset. Thank goddess, I got them all buffed down with some super fine steel wool! It didn’t even dull the shine! All in all I love these counters! I think it was well worth the $70! Link to Giani Granite Videos:

*I am not sponsored by any of the brands or stores mentioned above. These are my honest reviews of the products!*

The Finished Product!

How I Refinished my Kitchen Cabinets for Under $65

My husband and I just bought a house! When we were looking for a home, we were looking for a renovation. The house we ended up buying was in move in condition but, wasn’t our tastes! My first project was the kitchen, I hated that kitchen.

Our Kitchen Before

 I knew for sure I wanted mint walls, that was about all I knew. I tossed around antique white cabinets, wood counters, wood floors , if you can think of it I considered it! We ended up deciding on espresso cabinets! I contemplated whether or not to get everything on it’s own or the just buy the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit. I eventually decided on just getting the kit however, you could really do this either way!

After Painting my Mint Walls and Removing Wall Paper!


What You’ll Need (With the Kit, Which I recommend) :

  • Rustoleum Kit Tinted to your color of choice
  • Drop Cloth
  • Degreaser (Optional)
  • Foam and/or Synthetic brushes
  • Gloves

Without Kit:

  • Matte or Satin base color of choice
  • Degreaser
  • Scrub Sponges
  • Foam and/or Synthetic Brushes
  • Gloves
  • Polyurethane
  • Decorative  Glaze (Optional)
  • Lint Free Glazing Clothes (Optional)
  • Fine grit Sandpaper
  • Drop Cloth

I started off by giving my cabinets a good cleaning with some Simple Green degreaser, if you’re using the kit you can skip this step since the deglosser (Included in kit) will do just fine. My cabinets were especially gross so I went the extra mile! After cleaning with the simple green (Use a scrub pad if you’re forgoing the kit), I wiped them down with a damp rag for good measure! Then My husband then removed all of the cabinet doors for me. I elected to leave the drawers in. You could take the drawers out if you want to! However, I choose to be lazy since I didn’t feel like emptying all of them! Moving on to the Deglosser, which is the first step in the kit.

Getting Ready to Degloss!

This stuff is powerful so wear gloves! I did all of my deglossing in my sun room with all the windows open, I honestly didn’t find it to have to harsh of a smell though! Take one of you scrubby pads (Included) and begin deglossing your cabinets! It’s a fairly simple process, just scrub on the deglosser then wipe off with a damp rag until you’re sure all of the residue is gone! If you’re planning on painting the backs as well, go ahead and scrub them too. After deglossing, you move on to the base coat. If you’re not using the kit I recommend lightly sanding with a fine grit sandpaper first! I used foam brushes to apply the base coat, but it’s really a personal preference.

After the first layer of Base Coat

I went through so many foam brushes, I’m pretty sure the workers in my local hardware stores are now referring to me as “The Crazy Foam Brush Lady.” I only needed two coats, but fair warning after the first coat, the cabinets look a little crazy. Don’t loose hope! It will all work out! I promise! After your base coat or coats dry you have the option move on to glazing. Glazing will make your cabinets slightly darker, it really wasn’t to noticeable on mine. At the bottom I’ve included a picture from Rustoleum that depicts these differences well. The rule of thumb is the darker the cabinet, the less noticeable the glaze. The base coat basically is matte paint, so the glaze does add a little dimension, which is why I choose to do it. That being said, glazing is a pain in the as*. Hey, just being honest! First you paint on the glaze, I used foam brushes again, then you wipe it off with a lint free cloth (Included in kit). This process is messy so wear gloves. I did, but gave up on them about 2 cabinets in! My hands were stained for quite a while! If I was doing this again I would choose to do the glaze! Next is the poly, this is probably the one step I would say I’m a little disappointed in. I found the particular poly included in the kit to be hard to work with and very temperamental. I would recommend going to the store and picking up some little sample cans to test! This way you can get an idea of what you like and what you don’t! That being said, I tried many different approaches with this poly, the one I liked best was using a roller(Not Included) to disperse the poly then backbrushing it quickly to ensure each cabinet had the same amount. I did about three coats, you could only do one, but I wanted the cabinets on shiner side. After putting all of the doors back on, I finished off my cabinet project by spay painting the handles silver! All in all I love the cabinets, and think they fit the space well! They are easy to clean, and seem to be holding up very well. The only thing I may do to them in the future is purchase so new handles, and add some to the drawers. I hope this helped you out! The Finished Product!

Before and After!


Colors Rustoleum Offers!

If you have any question feel free to email me. Stay tuned for my up coming posts: How I Redid my counter tops for $70, DIY Tile, Wallpaper Removing tips, and a ton of Christmas DIYS

*I am not sponsored by Rustoleum. These are my honest opinions about this product.*